Adult dating in Woodstock

adult dating in Woodstock

to share things with each other whether that was food, water, clothing, or whatever else was needed. Who knows what they must have seen during those nights on the farm? By the time of Hendrixs performance the audience had reduced from 400,000 to about 30,000 as many participants waited to catch a glimpse of the musician before leaving during his performance.

Nightly: 7:05 9:20pm New time Friday at 9:25pm only!
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Woodstock attracted a fair amount of spiritual people who believed that love was the only religion man needed, along with the help of tarot cards and psychic readings.

Keep in mind there was a cap of 15,000 per artist at Woodstock so a deal was struck for Hendrix to play two sets, a set with his band and an acoustic set. For an extra.00 you can receive a 15 discount in all Blenheim Palace shops and cafes! He was one of 32 acts that performed over the four-day festival.

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Home Of The Brave If the show Fashion Police was around in 1969, they would have had a ball with this outfit! Of course, 500,000 showed. Immediately after Cockers set, a thunderstorm disrupted the festivals events for several hours. Explore this World Heritage Site amongst over 2000 acres of Capability Brown landscaped parkland. Santana Santana and his band brought a Latin rock fusion vibe to the music festival which audiences went crazy for! The world may never know, but whats important is that they looked like they were having the time of their lives! As you can imagine with 500,000 guests present, there were quite a lot of medical emergencies that needed tending to with something more than a t-shirt as a bandage and vodka as antibacterial.

Also, the girl getting her palm read looks like she received some good news judging from the smile on her face. Jimi Hendrix was paid an incredible 30,000 for two sets plus 2,000 for expenses. I mean, lets face it, who wouldnt go to great lengths just to get an eyeful of fluffy yellow winged creatures? Perhaps they were waiting for the next music set to come on or just enjoying some chilled out free time.