Washer dryer water hookup

washer dryer water hookup

use this hole to install the drain line. Step 3 Install a Four-Prong Cord. Plug It In If your new dryer runs off of electricity you will most likely need a 240V outlet. Use a smooth metal duct pipe for your vent, and follow the specifications in the instructions regarding length. Its important to understand the difference between these two methods of drying clothes, as they each have their own set of pros and cons. What to Do if the House Has Never Had a Washer and Dryer in It? If you're using a metal hose, it should just slide neatly into place with no clamps or tape required.

These directions will guide you through the process of connecting the hot and cold water supply lines to the matching water valves that are in the outlet box. Check for Leaks, this step is simple. All of that lint is just small pieces of your clothing and, over time, drying your clothes using a traditional dryer will cause more wear and tear on your clothing than drying in a combo washer dryer that uses the condensation drying method. Step 4 Attach the Power Cord. Push it towards the wall where it will be installed, leaving just enough space for you to work behind. However, larger families may experience a small bottleneck as you have to wash smaller loads. How to Install a Gas Line for a Dryer The following is a basic overview of what the process entails. A gas dryer is more energy-efficient than an electrical one, as the gas dryer uses a 120-volt plug instead of a 240-volt one.