Washer dryer hookup requirements

washer dryer hookup requirements

be heavy! The standpipe should be 18-30 inches above the trap, with the trap being 6-8 inches above floor level. Step 5 Attach the Vent Hose. Electricity, you may already have a 120-volt electrical outlet near the washer and dryer, and if you do, you should verify that the outlet has ground fault protection. Today, laundromats are synonymous with cumbersome bags of quarters and long waiting times. The top of the standpipe should be between 18 and 30 inches above the trap (some codes allow up to 42 inches). Connect the washers hoses to the water supply valves. Step 1 Connect the Gas Supply. Be sure that all hose connections and cords can safely reach their sources. If the power cord is not already installed, attach one now by following the same directions found in "Installing an Electric Dryer below.

Step 4 Attach the Power Cord. Step 2 Make Sure the Power Is Off. Step 3 Install a looking for sex in Baton Rouge Trap, if Needed. Doing so could cause mold and mildew to develop. Drainage, the drain for a washing machine is called a standpipe, usually constructed with 2-inch ABS pipe. Never vent a dryer to a crawl space or attic. Though the project isnt difficult, you will be working with high-voltage electricity. First, choose the right washer and dryer for you or your family. Dryer Gas and Vent, installing a 1/2-inch galvanized or black iron gas line to a gas dryer is another job for a professional because of the potential for a fire if you make a mistake. Otherwise, the washer will need to drain into a standpipe, a 2-inch-diameter pipe with a built-in trap that taps into the nearest drainpipe. On average, this costs 500, while adding a standard electrical outlet for the washer costs only about 100. The cost for having a new washing machine and dryer installed varies depending on the existing plumbing and electricity connections, the location in the home, and the machines themselves.