Cpa adult dating landing pages vs direct linking

cpa adult dating landing pages vs direct linking

referral commission for Affiliates referred via your links/channels. Dating is one of your strongest verticals, can you tell me how large of your overall volume does it stand for? But what do you plan to achieve? O n the other one, you could setup your own lead capture funnel, buy highly targeted adwords traffic, sort the users based on some questionnaire and then try to up-sell them to dating sites matching their profile.

Which is Better Direct Links or Landing Pages?

cpa adult dating landing pages vs direct linking

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But with deep integration (if you would pass to an advertiser) your chances to make something big could increase). It simply ranks on top because it has new a4a hookup innovative cash on a delivery model for leads and sales. POPs are not the best choice for dating (many advertisers forbid this traffic type, because quality is really bad.). In order to become a valued affiliate, you need to send solid volume and basically act like a reasonable person. In 99 of cases Landing pages are a must.

Dating landing pages need to combine the right approach of text content that.
Many CPA landing page examples are squeeze pages because the goal of CPA.
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