Maytag dryer 3 wire hookup

maytag dryer 3 wire hookup

socket on the rear of the drum. And if so, check the heating element. To change the belt, go through openings on left and right. You will need to open the back to get to the element. Pilot flame help, sample wiring diagrams, test for ohm meter checking an electric dryer with no heat. Or your idler pulley is broken. Thermostat changed because it was getting too hot. Now drum makes noise like its loose. Oops : Please try again.

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Dryer with Wrinkle Control, maytag

maytag dryer 3 wire hookup

Changing Dryer Belt Has anyone ever changed a GE dryer belt? Maytag Dryer is Noisy Rotating or Spinning by Hand Is this a worn pulley? Where can a replacement be purchased? It works fine, however, now it is eating my clothes there appears to be a gap about and inch wide between the drum and where it is supposed to meet. As an after ke sure that your lint trap and vent hose are patent in this process. Check them for continuity with an ohm meter. Reinstall power and check each wire for power from the wire to the dryer cabinet, one wire will probably show 120 volts and the other will show zero. Provide details, support with references or personal experience.

Holding 1 end of your meter on the common check for resistance across the other two terms. Tell us some more!