Ps2 hookup to tv

ps2 hookup to tv

you can connect your PlayStation 2 to your TV or receiver, depending on the inputs available. The slim PS2 has a built-in Ethernet adapter, but the fat PlayStation 2 requires a network adapter add-on. Lightwave 100 Fiber Optic Cable (Good). Generally, the method used to display audio and video to your TV would be through an RCA cable.

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Unmarked spoiler / Unmarked nsfw. Component cables have five plugs: Red, Blue and Green (Video) and Red and White (Audio). 2, connect one end of the A/V cable that shipped with the PlayStation 2 to the "Video" and "Audio" ports on the rear of the unit. Some PS2 games have online functionality, and you'll need to connect your PlayStation 2 to your home network via Ethernet to take advantage of this. If this ends up resulting in a black-and-white image, try plugging the Yellow plug into either the Blue or the other Red connector.

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