Fearson hookup

fearson hookup

teen learners. It's detailed, thorough, and the hookup itself is practical, workable, and one of the most significant advancements in thread work ever. You form your fingers into a hoop, and the cigarette floats directly through the hoop, proving no connections are possible. This is more or less an exercise in creativity than a practical routine.

This is a full package, that is for sure. The kit includes thread, wax, floatable gimmicks, and the special 2-hour DVD teaching everything you need free hookup australia to know and much more, in great detail. This is best performed in the dark for many reasons, the most important being the fact that the levitating object is a green, glowing "alien life form and you require darkness to get the full glowing effect. The cigarette once again floats down to the floor, stops for a moment and finally rises up, up, all the way into your mouth for a spectacular finish to an incredible effect! You've seen the hype. Nonetheless, this is a great bonus and a clever, creative routine that may even serve as inspiration for other magicians. Also included is his famous, visually stunning Area 51 routine.

fearson hookup

Steve Fearson is recognized worldwide as the king of close up levitations.
Now you can enjoy the benefits of nearly 20 years.
Revealed for the first time is the enhanced Fearson Hookup.
Fearson's Vectra Line is the result of several years of research and development.
Ultra high-tech fibers are used primarily by the military and space programs and are generally unavailable to the public.

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