Swm odu hookup

swm odu hookup

Important Update: DirecTV has begun shipping and installing the SWM LNB, also called the SWM ODU. Every install is a little different depending on the house, and there are 2 different ways to wire the system.

This was a simple fix BUT all tech support wanted to do was charge me from.00-49.00 for a tech to come out! SWM needs 20-21 volts to operate, so you will have to use. SWM, power Inserter to send up the required 21v.

In short, the SWM family (single-wire multiswitch, also knows as the SWM8 or SWiM) was designed to eliminate many of the issues involved in using house wiring in directv installs. The satellite dish had to send out a dedicated line that would power a single tuner/receiver.

Four receivers or DVRs, with power inserter, connected using SWM1 port and 1x4 splitter. This option may be attractive to people who live in an area where they can get many additional channels that may not be available through DirecTV. The only CON to SWM is that you are stuck with 8 tuners or less. The red port will send power up the line to the LNB, and the white port will send the signal to the receiver. This picture shows to the two different LNBs.

Are there 4 lines coming down the dish or only one? Single SWM (or SWM dish) Wiring Diagrams. One red port goes to the LNB, and the other goes to the room where the SWM Power Inserter is located. It usually receives 4 lines from the satellite dish. I have seen numerous service call solved by simply plugging it directly into the wall.

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