Dating app sex offender

dating app sex offender

journalism at her alma mater California State University Northridge. Whether Jones is right or not, Andersons father, Les Anderson, questioned the harsh punishment on another level. So its two years difference. In July, 20-year-old Indiana man Zach Anderson was sentenced to 90 days in jail and ordered to register as a sex offender in two states, and remain on those registries until 2040. The UK sex offender register is not publicly accessible. Does checking an app to see if a potential partner has a criminal history give a cast-iron guarantee of safety, security and low risk of emotional, psychological or physical harm? Heres the thing: Anderson didnt actually know the girl was underage. A couple months later, Anderson was arrested and pleaded guilty to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. Because they rely on even less official information, they are more likely to be incorrect compared to those in the.

Teen's plight: From dating app to sex offender registry - CNN

dating app sex offender

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Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge who helped write the states sex offender registry law, told ABC News Anderson shouldve been smarter about the whole thing and perhaps requested proof of the girls age, in the form of a drivers license or the like, before having sex. Im feeling really good, Anderson told, nightline. . The real predator in this story is the Judge who decided that his bitterness toward people getting laid warranted a harsh sentence for a teenager). Even though Anderson qualified for the Holmes Youthful trainee Act (hyta which would allow him to serve a youthful trainee probationary term the judge wasnt too interested in being lenient. He is also forbidden from using computers or smartphones for the rest of his life. She told him his actions were superficial, sexual, and all about instant gratification, according to the. Things got messy when the girls mom thought she was missing and called police. There may not be the same number of apps on offer but the doesnt mean the UK shouldnt watch closely to monitor how these services operate. The notion that you can check whether a new partner has offending history suggests a less trusting and more suspicious approach to relationships, as well as an attempt to foresee and future-proof any potential problems. It was tragically wrong. Anderson was prosecuted for statutory rape, and pleaded guilty with the hope that his clean record would result in leniency by Judge Dennis Wiley. You went out looking for trouble and you found.

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