Dvd to tv hookup diagrams

dvd to tv hookup diagrams

input on the. Next, connect the Component Video cable and RCA audio cable to the outputs on the DVD Recorder and the inputs on the. Composite, Audio, Output, Monitor or TV and the other end. Input Selector, satellite, sACD Player, no VCR, no DVD Player.

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This is the most basic (and lowest quality) option for connecting a DVD Recorder to any. Cable Box ) to the, rF input on the DVD Recorder. How To, home Theater, kLH49/Getty Images, now that you've received or bought a brand new DVD Recorder, how do you hook it up to your TV? If you want to use higher quality cables, then you may want to connect the TV Source (. If you made connections using either Composite, S-Video or Component cables, then to view or record TV, two adjustments need to be made. To use Component Video cables and RCA audio cables: Connect the Component Video cable and the red and white RCA audio cables to the outputs on the TV source and the inputs on the DVD Recorder. Over-the-Air Antenna as a TV source. No TV, no Receiver. Click here for help identifying the different types of wires and connectors. Use the first drop down list on each component to connect to a different component.