Hdmi cable hookup for xbox 360

hdmi cable hookup for xbox 360

are all hooked up, station your Xbox on a flat surface. Insert a game disc or movie and press the silver button again. Idysfunctional said: I use my laptop as a TV all the time, well at work. Your cables might not be properly put in or there is something wrong with your Xbox/TV. Connect the two parts as shown in the picture and then connect the "power brick" end to your Xbox 360 and the other end to a wall outlet. 05 of 06, xbox 360 Power Supply m, now that you have the audio/video cables connected, the next step is to hook up the power supply. Plug one end of the cord into the Xbox, and the other into the power brick (pictured above).

If you have a wired controller, plug it into. If you read his later reply you would find he has a laptop with Dual hdmi Ports. It would be ok on games like The Sims but for Halo it would be terrible. But I wanted to let you know there might be a way through this.

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Microsoft recommends that you connect the power supply directly to a wall outlet and not to run it through a power strip / surge protector. I use my laptop as rv hookup group a TV all the time, well at work. It depends on the exact model of Xbox 360 that you have and the game you are trying to play. It is not recommended that you set it on the carpet. You will want to match what your TV supports.

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